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preparing,  baking,  cooking and living we've got it covered!

Designed for everyone who loves to cook up special moments,  HWI is the colorful ingredient for your home that inspires creative living and thoughtful entertaining.  HWI is ultimately about expression.  Inspired by the latest trends.  Crafted from premium materials,  and born out of an innovative spirit.  HWI artfully combines the best in style and performance.

For friends,  for family.  For days out and nights in.  For special occasions or to mark the occasion.  Indulge yourself with HWI.

HWI  Shanghai  has over 6 years of both local knowledge and international appliance experience. We are a dependable and trusted housewares supplier. Since its conception, HWI Shanghai  has been a leading exporter of kitchenware, tabletop products.  HWI  Shanghai  applies cutting-edge technology and design savvy to bring the most innovative and sought-after products to the market. We are committed to support our retailers' growth strategy.

HWI Shanghai Enterprise Limited    Design:Shang Hai Jijie Computer Co., Ltd.
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